This website, eddyconsulting.co, was created in 2013 when it seemed like we’d be traveling globally and consulting mostly on issues concerning legal education and with community governance issues. For a variety of reasons, that didn’t happen. Jon got tired of sitting for long hours in tiny metal tubes at 35,000 feet; Deb balked at being away from the grandkids for too long at a time, which really restricted available jobs. Something had to give.

Instead, we punted. Jon transitioned much of the work in Afghanistan to the young and very capable locals on the ground there, transferring his focus to family issues (like retirement) and managing assets. Deb found some more local projects that kept her busy in her two passions – encouraging intergovernmental cooperation and fostering high-quality nonpartisan evaluation of pressing civic and social problems.

Presently, we’re old enough not to need any new jobs … but not quite ready to be freeze-dried, either. If you have a project that you think might interest either one of us, email deb@eddyconsulting.co or jon@eddyconsulting.co. We’re not free, but we’re not horribly pricey.

For our blog, which includes contributions from far-flung friends and family, check out (LINK HERE). There are WORDS, and there is also photography and music, some things for sale, but largely for sharing.