Our new adventure

Posted on: December 12th, 2013 by debeddy@gmail.com

Our kids – and many friends who are not engaged in public policy or government work – often ask, “So exactly what is it that you do?”   And as I drafted the content for these webpages, it struck me that there are a lot of terms of art in our work.

Because Jon does a lot of globe-trotting, often in developing countries, he’s the internationalist.  My work has been almost entirely local and regional, boots on the ground, so to speak.   But about 10 years ago, we started seeing the commonalities.


In the US, our public institutions are struggling to design solutions to modern problems. Our legislatures operate under a 200-year old design, with a resilient but sclerotic federal constitution.  States, cities and local governments have more latitude in process design and more opportunities for cross-government cooperation.  But issues of territory and authority, resources and constituencies can complicate the solution to even the smallest problem.   And because of persistent problems with operational silos, e.g., politicians and legal academicians, public works directors and biologists, we don’t cross-pollinate (forgive the bad pun) at high enough levels.

Eddy Consulting LLC is my platform for nurturing a virtual consulting group, to provide both on-the-ground assistance to local governments and NGOs and a more creative policy space for stakeholders to engage in problem-solving at the regional level.

If you go to my Pinterest page, the books categorized here give you some idea of  the ground I cover.

Now, onward.   /d